Im·Promp·Tu Celebration Dinner

Tonight after work I headed out for a 30 minute bag class and then an easy 4 mile run with Jackie! We chatted the whole time and time just flew right by! We ended up coming in at 36minutes!! Well it felt easy anyway 😉

Then it was off to watch Hubby’s 2nd home game of the season! Guess what? THEY WON! Last year they were 0-25 and now they are 8-4 so far!! So proud of him.


Then it was out to dinner to celebrate. We got a Chili’s Gift Card for Christmas and this was the perfect way to use it. Free celebration dinner? We’ll take it! I was just glad that it was a casual place, because I was still in my workout gear 🙂 Sweaty and ALL!


I wanted to get chips, queso, and a margarita! But I was good 🙂 I will have cheat night on Saturday..I am already plotting it out!

So instead I opted for a black bean burger with avocado and cheese and a side salad. Now that’s what I call a BURGER!!! This was the biggest black bean burger I have ever eaten and it came on a whole wheat bun!


The salad was “eh” , but what I expected. I might have stole some of Hubby’s fries 😉


Now it’s time to get to my Bible reading and then I am calling it a night.

I am going to work at 9am tomorrow, a little extra sleep will feel amazing!!!! Plus I think Bosco would like a morning walk 😉

P.S Did you hear iPhone 4G is coming out on the Verizon Network on February 10th!!! We are so leaving At&T!!! Anyone else as excited as I am?!!!


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