In Need of Some Motivation!

Morning Peeps!

I woke up as groggy as all can be, the Circus Show was 3 HOURS LONG, and I did not get home until past midnight. We had so much fun and the acts were incredible, made me want to quit my day job and join! Well maybe in another life.

I am so indecisive of what to do for my workout this morning. I am currently drinking a cup of Joe and munching on a TJ’s Trex Mix Bar trying to get motivated by blogs!!


Yesterday I did manage to rack up a couple points for my first day of TSL,

2 – eating in (breakfast, lunch & dinner)
1 – healthy commute (rode my bike to the bus stop and took the bus)
1 – rode my bike to the bike shop instead of taking my car

4 points total

I need some more Simple/Green things to add to my daily routine!

I was at the bike shop because I bought a new helmet, after Meghann’s sister Kelly had the accident, I just knew it was time for a new one! Isn’t she pretty?


How was your first day of TSL??

Today I am not going to the gym because I don’t want to commute so I think I will go for that run and do a little bit of Jillian’s Shred DVD when I get back! My normal Saturday morning running group is off today because they are doing the OC Marathon tomorrow, GOOD LUCK FRIENDS, and good luck Monica!

It is already 8:00am and there is so much to do!!!

  • Workout
  • Breakfast
  • Clean House
  • Get April Featured Fridge Post Up
  • Shower+Lunch
  • Take Bus to the Spring Carnival at School
  • Work Spring Carnival
  • Pick up a few things for our Pizza Night
  • Garden a little
  • Register for Wild West Relay
  • Make Pizza for Dinner
  • Relax and Watch a Movie with the Hot Hubby of Mine:)

Don’t’ worry I haven’t forgotten about my Birthday Giveaway Winner I will be posting the winner this weekend promise!

Off to run, have a HAPPY SATURDAY!

Good Luck to Andrea who is running in her very first half marathon today!!!!!


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