I feel like I am finally getting back in the groove after all the Holidays! Even though I know they are going to CREEP up on us oh so quickly!

I do LOVE the Holidays, but it’s good to be back to some “normalcy” and so far my “Goals” for the year are coming right along…

#1. Finish reading through the entire Biblein 2011. ( Been keeping up with my Chronological Bible, reading it every night ).

#2. SAVE SAVE SAVE.Keep up the envelope system and work hard and de-cluttering.  (Envelope System is going well 🙂 )

#3. Read more. Maybe not a book a month, but much much more!!! (I got a new book, “Running on Faith” and I am half way through it.)

#4. Learn how to play the guitar (My brother is going to teach me).

#5. Have more fun with the BLOG. Of course I would love to increase blog traffic, but more importantly I want to inspire more people to live happy and healthier lives!!!! (Still working on this one..I have a fun idea I can’t wait to share with you).

6.  Enjoy More Quality Time with Family & Friends (This one isn’t too hard as we have baby baptisms, family parties, birthday parties almost weekly!)

7. Get Organized( Just cleaned out my desk at work!)

**I have to remind myself of my goals for the year monthly!!! I have a short term memory 🙂

You might have noticed that I don’t have any physical fitness goals on my list. This is because of the “break” I am on from doing marathons (full marathons) and spending 100’s of dollars on traveling for races. Yes, each race I have done has been worth every dollar!!!  But, it’s time to step back for awhile.

Do you realize I have been training for a marathon or a triathlon since 2005!!! I know crazy right?!

I ran my first marathon in 2005 and then kept going and going until 2010! I am not saying I won’t do another marathon..just not this year.

**Oh and Hubby is not helping my addiction when he buys me books like, “Running on Faith” (I love his just because gifts) which I can’t put down!! I will do a full review when I finish it.

Picture 088

Life is going to be different this year…

…but, breakfast is still the same here at work 🙂

Picture 086

I was reading from a friends blog and she posted this statement and I can’t help but chew on it…

“I’m not sure how to live. I’m not sure what it means to wake up and really LIVE. I want to have that. I want to DO that. And I’m not sure how, but I want to start.”

What does it mean to you to truley live? Are you doing it?


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