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I just moved and our house has ZERO storage. I didnt notice when we bought the house but now I’m really missing the extra closets/storage space. I’m getting really creative with storage especially because I don’t have a linen closet!! Pinterest is a GREAT help!!

I would love to see a tour of your house, it always looks gorgeous in the pictures you post

My kitchen could use some renovating, I’m hoping to paint the cabinets white soon

We live in my boyfriend’s grandmother’s house(after she passed) and when we moved in it was terrible. He did quite a bit of work to paint over the dark wood vinyl cabinets in the kitchen, but our bathrooms are in need of some MAJOR help. One is wallpapered and has brown speckled tiles (yuck!) and the master is blue speckled tiles! Welcome back to the 80s…. oy. We are talking about renovating the bathrooms this coming winter after the marathon! I need to spend more time in Lowe’s/Home depot so HGTV’s BathCrashers can come save me!

My husband and I have been talking about getting one of those scales that measures body fat. How accurate do you think they are? I’ve heard good things about the Tanita brand, but I wonder if the other brands are as good (and probably cost a bit less). Any insight? Thanks! Happy Friday!

Oh no, the bear can’t see in the snow! 🙂 I’m with you, I hope spring comes sooner rather than later. I want to wear tank tops and sun dresses!

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