Late Love Day and Stuff

Hi Friends! I took a little break last week from blogging, due to some heavy/ crazy days at work! Honestly the last thing I wanted to do was sit in front of a computer when I got home.

Instead I got out and PLAYED!!! I got a chance to get out and run 8 miles today and bike, got in 2 yoga sessions last week and started Phase 2 of NROL for Women!

IMG_2039 IMG_2029
IMG_1955 IMG_2034

This past weekend Hubby and I spent Saturday together doing a bit of treasure hunting aka thrifting and picked up a few things that were such a great deal! I am in love with old jars, boxes and the rust color orange pillow! I love this book shelf too and it was only $40 and is in great shape, wish you could all see the texturizing on it.


We also made it to Sprouts a health market and I picked up some of my favorite plant based protein products!


…and of course I am set for life thanks to Chobani with some awesome new yogurt flavors! I am loving the banana one in smoothies and I can’t get enough of the pear flavor!


For Valentines day the Hubs was so creative and instead of getting me flowers that just die (he knows I get sad when they die), he made me a flower arrangement that will last forever!! I love LOVE love it! He also got me the Lululemon tank I have been wanting for years!!!

IMG_1958 IMG_0956

Now we typically don’t really celebrate Valentines day, because we think it’s such a funny holiday. We know how much each of us love’s one another and we don’t need a holiday to show that! But we thought what the heck let’s get dressed up and go to a restaurant that we have been dying to go to The Farm Artesian Restaurant in Redlands. All their food comes from local Farms and is a “modern cuisine” pretty fancy schmancy!

I almost bought the dress on the left, but settled with one that I already have and love. I haven’t worn it since my bridal shower 6 years ago!

IMG_1965 IMG_1960

My hot date for the evening Smile


Before we headed over to dinner we hit up a local wine bar and picked up one our favorite reds. Pretty ironic that this wine is called Wine of Love!

IMG_1972 IMG_1967

I loved that they had vegan options on the menu! My heart smiled.


…as well as the freshest bread!


I started out with the most delicious vegan carrot and ginger soup over jasmine rice and Hubby got the cheese platter.


For my main course I went with the Vegan Garbanzo Bean cake with Swiss chard and sweet potato’s. Loved ever bite!


I have heard a lot of mixed reviews about the Farm, but overall we were very pleased! The company honestly was the best part! (OK and maybe the wine Winking smile )


The rest of the week was filled with all kinds of shenanigans, like home made pizza parties and


Big sexy salads!


…and I may or may have not lived in my leggings, cardigans and Toms all week Winking smile Don’t judge me!


OK back to normal posting 3 times a week… I have missed you all!

What did you do for Valentines Day this year??


2 responses to “Late Love Day and Stuff”

  1. love the leggings and red Toms. i totally won’t judge 🙂

  2. Your dinner out sounds and looks fabulous! There were a couple of unique dishes, which is always fun. My husband and I went out on Friday night for V-day. It was so nice to have a date-night . . . . and no dishes to clean-up, too! 🙂