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Am I literally the only one who I confused as to which workouts I’m supposed to do for stage 1!?! It’s separated from workout 1,2 and goes up to workout 7,8? But the workout log says to do 4 sets of each? I’m so confused…..

I normally do observe lent, but it kind of snuck up on me this year! I gave up sweets before. Good luck staying off instagram!!!

I don’t observe Lent but am looking to take a break from all the technology. I’m leaving for Maui on Friday for a yoga retreat and am severely limiting my time being connected. I also love following programs. I think that’s why I like Beachbody products so much.

Congrats on getting through Phase I! I’m interested to see the next recap. I wondered if I’d get just as good results starting this plan at Phase 2. Like you said – 1 seems really easy.

For lent- Mike and I are going to try giving up beef/chicken/pork/lamb/veal, etc. Going veg + seafood only!

Stage 2, here we come!!

Thanks for the review, sounds like a great plan!

Thanks for posting this! I’m glad you are liking the program. I just bought the book and I’m planning on starting it once my half marathon intense training is over (currently running 4 days a week). I can’t wait to hear how the rest of the program goes! I’m excited to start.

Hah, I love your face in the first picture 🙂 That’s how I feel after strength! This looks like a really cool plan. It’s nice to see your progress in such obvious ways. Way to go!

What a great idea to lighten up on some social media for lent. You definitely seemed to have had positive results from your lifting plan! Good for you! Maybe I need to be more mindful of using and sticking with a comprehensive plan. I’d like to build a bit more muscle. 🙂

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