Is anybody else feeling the heat?! Working in the mountains is so nice it’s cool and breezy, but once down the hill the 100 degree weather kicks in, but at lease I don’t have the Memphis humidity!

Today’s lunch was the same as yesterdays , no need for pics. I did have quite a bit of fruit today (that never made it to my camera), watermelon, peach, an apple, and apricots! I just love summer fruits and just can’t get enough of them. On the way home from work today I was dreading my evening workout session with Jillian. The weather just turns my soul off to working out.

Some how I managed to get one sweaty living room workout in!! This book is seriously kicking my butt big time!!! I have never been more challenged, (well maybe a little in marathon training).

Have you ever tried a scorpion push up?

1 006

1 005

Or how about a knee tuck jump?!

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1 023

1 021

Hubby wanted to try too!

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1 029

1 026

After our HARDCORE workout I cooked some smoked turkey sausage with brown rice and a green bean medley.

1 038

I added a little BBQ sauce to the mix, simple and delicious!

1 040

Ok gotta run, we have a show to catch!!!

Question: What is the hardest/most challenging workout you have ever done??


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