Kitchen Complete

Morning Darlings 🙂

This morning I was able to get up and get moving! Not really sure how since I went to bed way past midnight, but I’ll take it!

So after de-cluttering the kitchen yesterday, I thought I would show you you our kitchen complete 🙂 If you are a regular reader you probably have seen most of it on here.

As you can see we have an orange and green kitchen, two of my most favorite colors.


When we walked into our house and saw the kitchen we were SOLD! No, it’s not new and perfect instead it has a bit of charm and character. I try and keep the counter space as open as possible, I can’t stand a ton of stuff on the counter tops.


I have my most used cook books in a basket for easy access. I feel if they are in arms reach I will actually use them 😉


The best part of our kitchen is that we have another sink 🙂 I keep my knives in the Kapoosh! I can’t do the magnetic knife holder thingy, it makes me nervous for some reason. I also have the Vita-Mix out as well, because I use it almost daily.


On the side of our oven is where our mugs and microwave are. I used to collect coffee mugs so I have a plethora of them and I even got rid of a ton! One day I would love to have a cabinet to store all my dishes in. As you can see we also store our coffee pot on the counter, because it is an everyday appliance used in this household.


The bread and “butter” basket are under the counter in an open space, along with extra plates and cutting boards. We don’t have a lot of humidity in California so we don’t have to store it in the fridge.


These lovely hanging racks were here when we moved in. They right above the stove for an easy reach. If you don’t cook much in the kitchen, you might not understand the need for all these wonderful tools 😉 Believe me these help A LOT!

IMG_5809 IMG_5808

Here is the shelf we put up above the stove. I condensed it down to just simple every day items we use: oats, flax seed, granola, almonds, and salt and pepper. All oils and vinegars are in the cupboard right above the stove (forgot to take a picture).


We also have a mail/pen holder on the bar. I didn’t want to have it at first, but I hate mail just sitting in an unorganized crazy pile!!! The kitchen is the first room we walk into in the house and this sits in plane site.


So there it is our lovely kitchen.


No, it’s not perfect but it is FUNCTIONAL! I love looking at I would love to get rid of a few more dishes, but all in good time.


Warm and Buttery Oats 🙂



  • 1/2 c oats, 1/2 c water,1/2 c Almond milk
  • 1 tbsp flax seed mixed in


  • Fresh black berries
  • sliced almonds
  • handful of granola
  • drizzle of Maranatha Almond Butter


Plus a mug of coffee 🙂


On the agenda for today:

  • walk bosco
  • daily Bible Reading
  • meet up with friend Tiff
  • wash Car
  • return a few things around town
  • work on some fun new bloggy things (new meal plan + recipe updates)
  • run with Jackie
  • cook Dinner
  • watch Food Inc (it’s about time!)
  • Question: Do you spend a lot of time in your kitchen?