Labor Day Rest

Today I shall REST!

Well at least from working out 🙂

I slept in until 8 (felt amazing), but I am super groggy. Guess sometimes too much rest is not a good thing.

Last night Hubby and I went out for another date night 😉 We missed so many this summer (due to Hubby working odd hours) that we are finally making up for it 🙂


After I got off work we ran some errands and then hit up our favorite local burger joint, Eureka Burger!

I had a burger for lunch so instead of my favorite Fig Marmalade Burger that I normally get, I had grilled fish tacos and sweet potato fries… amazing combination!


And a Hanger 24 Orange Wheat on the side. Refreshing and worth every calorie!


After dinner, I got a Facebook message from some friends telling us to come over to Coldstone for dessert!


Dessert it was! We never go to Coldstone, but the banana crunch ice-cream is my new favorite treat!!!


Now it’s time to get some much needed rest and relaxation in… well after I clean the house!

Can’t wait to show you all some fun new things I have done around the house 🙂


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