This morning went so fast! I decided on an hour kickboxing class instead of cycling, I am going to be sitting on a plane all day and I didn’t want to risk my bum being sore! When I got home I made my last bowl of cranberry oats for a while, sad day.

Breakfast Combo:

½ c oats
1 c of unsweetened almond milk
Dash of cinnamon
Dash of nutmeg
2 tablespoons of Hemp Seed
¼ c homemade cranberry sauce
Spoonful of apple butter
Drizzle of agave nectar
A little bit of blueberry granola plank

Before I headed to the gym I had a slice of whole wheat toast with Barneys butter and honey, it gave me the energy I needed to get through my class.


This was hard and even Bosco shed a tear.

It’s ok Bosco Grandma and Grandpa will take good care of you!


I have already put my new Camelback water bottle to the test, it works great! I love that it has a straw so clumsy me doesn’t spill all over misled. Look it fits perfect in my bag too!

POTM WINNERS you are going to love this!


When I got done with breakfast I was running around frantically trying to get everything together for my trip. I Miss my hubby, he so good at getting everything taken care for the house before we leave on trips. Don’t get me wrong I am fully capable of taking care of things; it’s just nice to have his support! After loading all the bags in the car, and getting Bosco stuff together to head to his grandparents house it was 11:40 and my plane was leaving at 12:55…needless to say I was stressing. I made it to the airport fine, thanks to my Step Dad Richard, thanks RICH! I thought I was going to have to chase after the plane like the movie HOME ALONE! Got on the plane, and even had a few minutes to spare, and this is where a funny little story comes in.


As I was going through the security gate this nice gentleman (so I thought at the time) decided to HIT on me. He first gave the line “I think I know you from somewhere” and as SWEET as I am I said “really where are you from” he said, “around”. Ok now I was catching on. He then proceeded to speak and said, “You’re a teacher aren’t you” WHAT man how did he know is he a profiler! Lol…being the nice person that I am I said yes and then hoped he would just go away oooo but no he continued to flirt with me. “ If you’re a teacher maybe you can teach me a thing or tow” DUDE do you not see the giant ROCK on my left finger…I laughed and quietly got the heck out of DODGE.


Now I am sitting in Las Vegas waiting to board my plane to Nashville and thought I would give you all my plan for working out this week(this is more for me because I need the accountability).

Sunday: REST
Monday: Run 5 miles easy, go to my old AKB class
Tuesday: Run 5 miles 2 miles at Tempo, yoga in the AM
Wednesday: Run 7 miles 3 miles at tempo, go to old AKB class
Thursday morning: I AM RUNNING 10 miles at least, I was going to do a 5k Turkey Trot but I need to run more then 3 miles.
Friday: headed back home, walk in the evening with Bosco and Hubby
Saturday: Spin Class and weights
Sunday: AKB at night

I know this seems like a lot but with more time and more food comes more working out!!! I ate the second half of my Apple Chicken Pumpadilla on the plane, mmmm…just as good as last night.


Attention all runners, I would like to keep us all motivated for a run on Thanksgiving morning, So here’s the deal, comment to me before Thanksgiving on what your plans are for running Thanksgiving morning and then the night before Thanksgiving I will post everyone’s running goals to pump everyone up!!! What do you think are you in?

Alright I am off to catch my plane. See you back tonight with all the weather and food updates from the South….

P.S it was 87 degrees today in SoCal I felt kinda funny wearing long sleeves and a scarf in the airport!


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