Morning Y’all I bring you this post live from Nashville, country star territory. I landed pretty late last night so I didn’t get to post about the cold weather and fun southern folk I got to know on the plane. It was about 29 degrees when we landed, I know for you Midwestern people, well heck people that live all over the country except California, 29 is nothing. Well for this Cali girl, IT’S FROZEN!!!


When I landed hubby asked if I wanted to eat at O’ Charley’s, I soon responded with ” DO YOU EVEN HAVE TO ASK!”. O’Charleys was one our favorite spots to grab grub when we dated in Memphis. I was so excited to get the sweet rolls. Well now that I am a lot healthier about what I eat, it wasn’t as fun of experience as I remember. I used to get a Long Island Ice Tea, chicken pecan salad (which had like 1,500 calories, salads are not always the healthiest choice). Well we looked over the menu we tried to find the healthiest things on the menu. It basically came down to grilled chicken, boring! So I thought I would try a key lime and mango salsa chicken platter, and a small side salad. Of course I had one sweet roll as well, before I ate real healthy I would have 3 (these little puppies have 165 calories and 2 grams of fat a piece). The chicken was ok, but too hot for me…I think I could stop eating chicken all together if fish wasn’t so expensive. My tummy was mad at me so I only ate half. I wish sometimes that I could just eat whatever I wanted, and my stomach would just act appropriately.


We got to spend a couple hours with the SIL (sister in law), BIL, and 3 nephews before we hit the hay. It was fun, I love them and SIL already has her house looking like a Martha Stewart Christmas. I love her house, it’s so nice and a dream home for me. I love all the brick homes in the South; we can’t have those in California too many earthquakes. My SIL is so sweet, I wish we lived closer so I could have a big sister to go shopping, chat over coffee, and get pedicures with. These are things that we have done but only for a short while since were always on small vacations when we see each other. I just learned that they might be moving to Florida in two years which means they will be on the other side of the country!


Hubby and I rose early this morning to go to our home church in Memphis, Fellowship. It’s a three hour drive from Nashville so we had to leave at 7am. That means we went to bed at 12pm (10pm my time) and woke up at 6:30am (4:30am) my time. It’s so worth it, we miss our old pastor and can’t wait to sit in service and enjoy his message. I figure I will just get a Sunday nap in! SIL had GoLean Kashi cereal, so I had a bowl of that and on our way out to Memphis we swung by Sbux and I got a tall skinny 2 pump, pumpkin spice latte. They put whip cream on it, WTF, if you ask for non-fat milk that means NO whip cream, I worked there I know these things. O well I’ll suffer…lol

The plan for today is to get settled in MIL (mother in laws) house, nap, and plan out the week. I already have two coffee dates with old friends! I am not exercising today, unless I get bored…HAVE A RESTFUL AND BLISSFUL SUNDAY!


Ok so I never had a chance to post the previous post so I am going to just continue and give you a small recap of our day so far. Church was wonderful, so nice to see our pastor again. Our old church is held at my Alma mater Crichton College.


McCalister’s, another fave! It is a bit on the expensive side so I only used to go there on pay days. I got my favorite sandwich, chicken berry with a cup of chicken tortilla soup which was a lot thicker then I remember. It was all very wonderful!


After our lunch we spent some time with hubby’s bff, Josh he’s so fun, it’s always nice to hang with him. I convinced him to go to the new WF with us (they didn’t have one when I lived here) he was a little disappointed though as was I. This WF was A LOT smaller then the one in LA. Go figure, southern folk are not as health conscious as us west coasters. But we did score some samples and I got some breakfast fixins( o no some more southern lingo coming out). Josh is also going to sample one of my PROBARS and sending me a review, THANKS JOSH!

Josh looks a little confused?


Alright well were off for more fun, I wanted to let you all know that tomorrow morning I will be posting a fun contest on a FREE Cookbook offer, you don’t want to miss it!!! So excited about all that posted there work out plans for Thursday morning, keep on posting so I can have a great motivation post on WEDNESDAY NIGHT!

P.S. It’s so cold here I am so proud of all you who get out and run in this weather!!!! I am planning on running an easy 5 miles in the am, wish me luck!


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