Thanks friends for the sweet comments on the shower :).

Laying around with Hubby watching football for some reason just makes me want to be so lazy, but tonight’s kickboxing class was just what I needed to get motivated to prep for the week. When I got home I put out my fall decorations, got meals ready for the week, and cleaned!

Thank goodness we had leftover’s from lunch today, because even though I was motivated to clean, I wasn’t motivated to cook.

Picture 358

Today for lunch Hubby and I went to Mimi’s Cafe, a place I used to go all the time! I never go there anymore because everything is so high in calories and I never want to order just a salad. But today I found something a little “healthier”. I ordered a grilled veggie sandwich on sour dough bread instead of chibatta.

Picture 360

I ate half of it at lunch and saved the rest for tonight’s dinner. I also heated up some leftover SP fries too.

Picture 359

I also had a glass of Berry Soda Water, mmm..not too shabby! Don’t forget to enter my Soda Stream Give-Away!!

Picture 361 

I have 140 post to catch up in my reader!!!


Hope you all had a great weekend, I got some great mini goals for the week I will have to share them in the morning!

Nite Nite


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