Leftovers & Spin Natzis!!!

It’s a brisk morning here in So Cal, kinda reminds me of the south… kinda

Recap of last night:
Women’s study was great, I love sharing life with these women. I am learning so much wisdom, and I am also learning so much about myself too. We laughed a lot last night, and I love that! You can never laugh enough.
We had so many black eyed peas left over, I decided to make Kath’s black eyed pea burger, I basically followed her recipe, I just had cheese and a tomato on top instead of ketchup and mustard. On the side I had my leftover Anni es sweet potato fries, and some brussels sprouts with pepper and light butter. This meal was so simple because it was a mix of all leftovers.
The burger was delicious, I will be making another one soon 🙂

I crashed early last night, because I had a 4:30am wake up call, to get to spin class at 5am. Once I had a cup of Joe I was ready to go! This mornings class was intense, I think I will call this teacher the SPIN NAZI! She kicked my bootie! Which is a good thing, but my heart rate didn’t seem to pass 160? I wear my Garmin heart rate monitor and I just don’t know how accurate it is. It says my average heart rate was 145 and my max was 160, it had to be higher!!!

I did a little research on heart rate zones:

“To find your maximum heart rate, take your age and subtract it from 220.
Maximum Heart Rate = 220 – Age

It is recommended that one should work out at 55 – 90% of maximum heart rate. So, to figure out what intensity is right for you, chose what percentage of intensity you should work out at and calculate your target heart rate during exercise from your maximum heart rate.

Target Heart Rate = Maximum Heart Rate X ( 55% – 90%)
Beginners should work at the low end of this recommendation and increase intensity as appropriate. Thus a good target heart rate for a beginner should be 60% of the maximum heart rate.

Thus for a 45 year old person just starting an exercise program the appropriate target heart rate during exercise should be.220 – 45(age) = 175 Maximum Heart Rate175 X 60% = 105 Target Heart Rate During Exercise”-About.com

My Statistics:

Well I am 26, so 220-26=194 so this is my maximum heart rate.

194×85%=around 165

Today I worked at about 80% of my maximum heart rate, which is good right?

I don’t really know how accurate my Garmin is either, all I know is I was breathing A LOT!!!

When I got home I made a big bowl of protein packed Oats!

The BIG Mix:

1/2c oats
1/2c H2O
1/2c hempmilk
1/4c pumpkin
1/2 banana
handful of flax seed
hand full of peanut butter granola
handful of Bare Naked Trail Mix(which I got for free at Skirtchaser)
1/2scoop banana protein powder
drizzle of agave nectar

I had a small piece of leftover whole wheat banana bread with pumpkin butter.

and a shot of Monavie.


Well as for battle of the Yogurts, I tried my second yogurt yesterday. Rachel’s calm plum honey lavender blend. Click here for nutritional info. It has only 150 calories, 2.5 grams of fat, and 8 grams of protein, but only 1 gram of fiber. There is a small list of ingredients which is great, but I am not really buying into the whole “Blissful blends custom-crafted to suit your mood.” I don’t think I felt more calm because of the yogurt. But I like the taste it was not as liquidity as some yogurts. What do you all think have you tried this brand before?

Today is kind of like a Friday because our couples group got canceled tonight, and we have teacher in service tomorrow!!! YEAH! I have kickboxing, and get to do a new Yoga class!!! I also need to work on my BSI recipe, hopefully it will turn out wonderfully I am a little nervous I have never cooked eggplant! Have a great day everyone!


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