“On this day in 1893: Colorado women are granted the right to vote.”

For a while now I have being thinking about doing a little quote about history on my blog now. I know that my blog is mostly about health, and exercise but it also is about things I love and experience. Seeing that I was a history major I find historical moments enlightening. So I think I shall post one on my blog each day. It will be my “thing”….

It’s time to step into her shoes….

I wore a lot of them last night, between school, kickboxing, and yoga! Last night was a long night, full of exercising and THAI food. I tried a Japa yoga at my new gym last night, it was wonderful. I have done lots of yoga practices, but I have only been doing yoga for about a year now so by all means I am a beginner. The class was dark which I like because it helps me relax more, the instructor was experienced and led the class well. It is a flow type of yoga, so you are not holding positions for too long. I think the main difference between other yoga’s that I have done and Japa is the breathing. You are constantly being told my the instructor to breath in certain ways. I know breathing is a focus in a lot of yoga classes, but this kind of breathing was different more intentional. Here is the best part, as you are in a position the instructor would come around the class and lead you in deeper. It was weird at first, not used to a stranger touching me, but it was very therapeutic, and got me where I needed to be. ,What’s your favorite yoga class? Has anyone ever tried Japa?

I am so glad that I went to yoga last night because after a 5am spin class, and 5:30 pm kickboxing, I WAS SORE! Yoga to me is a personal massage, and I knew my body would be thanking me for it. When I got done with yoga, hubby and I went out for Thai food, which is my favorite. No pics of dinner but it was fabulous as always. I had pineapple curry, and a glass of Pinot Noir. I finished it off with a little coconut ice cream, I figured I probably burned a million calories and needed the fuel 🙂

This morning I skipped the run, because I could tell my body needed the rest. I plan on doing the run later this afternoon. This evening I am also going to a hot yoga class, which is my favorite kind of yoga. I love that you are warm so you can get into poses easier and deeper. There are a lot of people who hate the sweating part, but I love it! It feels like you are getting a workout out.

Breakfast this morning was no fun, I wasn’t in the mood to cook anything up so I just had plain old cereal. I mixed Kashi Almond and Flax with some peanut butter granola. On top I cut up half a banana and poured in some skim milk(which would have been better with hempmilk). Oh and I did throw in a scoop full of Zap Pb.

Battle of the Yogurts part III!

Yesterday I tried Stoneyfield Farms Organic Yogurt, black berry flavored. I liked that is was thicker then the last two, and the nutrition is pretty good as well. There are 140 calories, O fat of course, 7 grams of protein, but NO FIBER! The taste was nothing different then a lot of other yogurts I have had in the past. I like the fact that all the ingredients are natural and organic, but so are all the other yogurts I have been trying. Not sure what sets them apart??

To conclude this blog I wanted to talk a little about the The Great Thanksgiving Challenge. Our family is taking part in Kath’s challenge to spend less this month on groceries, to express thanks for the food we do eat as well as increase awareness of hunger in the world. Well I know Kath is donating 26% of what they do spend to Heifer International, which is wonderful, but I wanted to be a bit more personal. I have been to places across the world where I fed the poor, and helped the needy. I have also been to other states where I got to serve the homeless, and send food to shelters. But even more then that, I have been in my own home town, in my own backyard and have seen the hungry and such great poverty. This topic breaks my heart, as a country we are so blessed with more then we could even ask for and yet there are still people that live to the left and right of us that go without everyday. Hubby and I have decided to donate 25% of what we do spend this month to my brother. My brother has three kids, and works his butt off to raise them, and yet I know they are struggling. He is an amazing father, and wants so much for his family but at only 25 he is faced with a lot of challenges. I want nothing more then to give to him all that I can. I leave you with this, are there people in your life, in your own family that need your help? Have we ignored our own backyards to feed the hungry far away?


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