Evening friends! I had anticipated posting this afternoon but my day just flew by. I did manage to clean and organize a few things as well as have coffee with my dear friend Veronica.

I love being home to make lunch because I get to be a little more creative. Our pantry is bare because I am trying to get rid of ALL the food we already have before I go spend money on groceries.

For lunch I took one can of Organic Cream of Chicken Soup+ 1 cup of broccoli from our garden (BELOW)+ one cup frozen veggie mix + a little soy cheese..

bobbi 240

bobbi 242

It wasn’t too bad might have been better with some pepper. 

bobbi 337

and some leftover crackers 

bobbi 340

bobbi 341

I also had a large Mango Tea this afternoon and snacked on way too many treats in the kitchen!!!

I have one more hour until I teach kickboxing so my mini dinner (I would rather be at the Avis’s with Hubby) was a whole wheat bagel with AB and Honey. 

bobbi 342

Alright we only have two more weeks left in the year! So friends let’s fight the battle of that 7lb average weight gain over the Holidays and make each exercise count!!

Finish Strong:

Check out the video below for a killer ab workout that only takes minutes!!!


I need some more at home workouts from you all and quick and healthy meals so email me soon!!!!!

Off to break a sweat!


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