Let the Simple Life Begin!

Happy FRIDAY! Today is the first day of TSL! I am so excited that there are over 45 people who are joining me on this journey. I love being challenged, and I hope that this challenge will be something that I stick to and keep after the month of May.

I woke up early early this morning so I could get in a good workout. It is so weird not training for Boston, I feel like I need a new workout plan. I will still run, but I would love to be doing some type of body shaping plan, to get me motivated for the SUMMER! Any ideas???

I did Jillian’s level 2 Shred DVD this morning, and she almost made me CRY! I forgot how intense here workouts are. It’s the perfect 20 minute workout, my next goal is to do 2 levels in one session.


I new exactly what I wanted for breakfast, a GREEN MONSTER! This one turned out more green then ever! I added mango and strawberries instead of blueberries today, but I couldn’t taste the mango.


A Slice of Wheat Berry toast( it does have wheat in it oops) with Naturally More PB.


With a delightful DD Misto with Soy Creamer.


All Together NOW!


So wish I had a better camera!

I am riding my bike to the bus stop today to get TSL on it’s way!


Start a Garden and a Compost

Use natural fertilizers, such as compost, on your garden. Minimize your use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides.

I am going to start a compost in our backyard!

Landscape with native plants. Native vegetation needs less water and is less likely to require as much fertilizer and herbicide.

Place naturally pest-repellant plants, such as mint, garlic, chives and coriander, next to plants that are susceptible to pests.

Please Share your Simple Tips BELOW!!!!

Tonight I am going to the YMCA Circus, it’s a big deal in our town and half of my students are in it! It should be a great 3 hour show, I have to go straight there after work so I will be taking my dinner.

Today is the last day of my Birthday Giveaway, I will announce the winner Saturday morning!



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