Let’s Get This Party Started!

I here by declare this week Holiday Party Week 🙂 We have three Christmas parties in a row! First up will be our staff Christmas Party, then the Marketing Department Party, and then the Thursday Night Group Party! HO-HO-HO bring on the Holiday cheer!

In case you missed our festive weekend:

Cookie Decorating Madness

Downtown Christmas Parade

Christmas with the Besties

Holiday FREE Fun Run


This morning I warmed up with a bowl of pumpkin cran oats.  Because we are leaving to Memphis on Sunday I am in operation clear out the FRIDGE mode! You might see a lot of random eats this week 😉


Instead of Almond Milk like I normal put in my oats I used Silk Pumpkin Spice 🙂 Can’t wait to try this in my coffee! 


31 Days of Yoga Challenge Update:

So how is everybody doing? So far I have tackled two full weeks of doing yoga everyday. It hasn’t been easy! I have managed to get to a lot of classes at the Hot Yoga studio and have done several classes at home. My favorite it the P90X yoga at home. It is is a little more intense and I like the flow.

I couldn’t have picked a better time to do this challenge! With the busyness of the season, yoga is the perfect way to center myself. I take time to be still and also to finish the year STRONG! I have also noticed that I have felt less pain in my IT band and hips while running!! I knew that yoga would help, but it’s nice to see the results so quickly!


Quote #1: 

Everyday this week I want to leave us with a beautiful Holiday quote to remind us why we celebrate this wonderful season:

The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree:  the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other.  ~Burton Hillis


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