Letters to Rylee Joy {Week 1}


1 Week

Your Favorites: snuggles, milk, mommy wearing you in the Ergobaby, sleeping on daddy’s tummy, your swing, walks in your stroller, the paci ONLY when you are ill and not wanting a bottle.

Your Not-So-Favorites: diaper changes, hand covers, gas, putting on onsies over your head and getting in the car seat.

– – –

Dear Little Lady,

Oh how you have made our house a home. You have been in our lives for three weeks, but the first weeks just flew right by! You have become our world and we love spending every waking minute with you. So much so that we have a hard time putting you down. You are a strong and brave little girl and you have shown us what true LOVE is.

We have been so blessed by how well you have been sleeping and growing. Your sounds make us laugh and we always look forward to catching one of your sweet smiles, dimples and all. We love looking at your long fingers and toes and joke about how you are going to be a piano player.

You have very serious faces. It’s almost as though you are screaming something up in your mind. You still fit in all your newborn clothes and I am sure you may never wear the same thing twice because you have quite the collection of clothes.

You love to EAT! I think your favorite time/times of the day is MEAL TIME! You quickly went from two ounces to three ounces in a week. Your such a happy baby and love to cuddle while you feed. The first time you grabbed mammas hand while drinking your bottle, she cried.

Mommy is obsessed with you and your beautiful eyes and face. Her phone has nothing but pictures of you and all the cute things you do throughout our day.

Bosco never leaves your side. At first, he was a little ‘cray cray’ when you first came home, but now he just adores you! I am pretty sure you will be best friends forever.


All of our family and friends just love you. We had an open house and everyone brought you the cutest gifts, diapers and just cried over how perfect you are.

You lost your umbilical cord at six days old and took your first bath when you were seven days old. A couple little cries here and there, but as soon as you felt the warm water you were as calm as an angel.

Daddy loves being home with you through his paternity leave. He gets to help mamma as well as experience every little cute thing you do on a daily basis. We love watching you stretch out your arms when you burp and your little gassy grins. We can’t wait to see what color your eyes will turn out to be as they are currently blue-ish gray.

I think your first week here on earth with us has been pretty life changing and a real blessing. You are perfect, in every single way possible.

We love you RJ!
Momma and Daddy

And here are a few of the cute moments we captured during her first week…







10 responses to “Letters to Rylee Joy {Week 1}”

  1. Bobbi, I read every blog you post but rarely comment (bad blog reader!) but the part of this blog “you lost your umbilical cord at six days old and took your first bath when you were seven days old” I read when I was at a shop having coffee before work this morning and burst into tears… is that because of the situation this poor baby came out of and therefore came to be with you? That seriously makes my heart hurt. god bless you being there to take her. She is SO lucky!

    1. They usually tell you not to bathe them (in a full bath) until they lose their umbilical cord stump. 🙂

  2. She is so incredible beautiful!! I cant even handle that picture of her and bosco – too too cute! praying for you and your family 🙂

  3. Jennifer Mobley Avatar
    Jennifer Mobley

    So precious. Such a beautiful letter to your daughter. She will cherish it always. Thanks for sharing your sweet little family in your blog! A friend of mine has a saying (I think it came from her grandmother) …”My cup is overflowing so much I’m having to drink from the saucer.” Looks like you guys are drinking from the saucer. LOVE IT!!

  4. Oh my god. She is so nice.

  5. She is just too beautiful! Love her dimples! 🙂 Also, love that pic of Riley and your dog! I’m sure they will be besties!

  6. Happier Heather Avatar
    Happier Heather

    That pic of RJ and Bosco is too adorable. His eyes say, “You’re home. Finally.”

  7. This is beautiful! Even though I don’t “know” you, I have been praying for you and your family like I do 😉

  8. Awww I can’t tell you how precious this is!! So beautiful 🙂 Your little girls is so amazing and such a blessing to your family!!

  9. Wow. She is beautiful. And you sound like the most proud mother. I am so happy for you! 🙂