Newborn Shoot {Part 2}

We are so blessed to have so many friends that couldn’t wait to get their lens on RJ! These photos were taken from our beautiful friend Ronny! She is amazing. If you would like to book her you can find her at Love every single SHOT!



16 responses to “Newborn Shoot {Part 2}”

  1. Love these. I was “ooh”-ing and “aah”ing all the way through and then saw the dog ones and laughed! How sweet!

  2. hahaha Those top ones are cracking me up! Love them all. Great job, Ronny!!

  3. Precious! Especially the ones with Mr. Bosco 🙂

  4. she makes your family complete. and so precious!! I love it friend. xxoo

  5. So freakin’ awesome Bobbi! Love the ones w/ Mr. B. haha. so cute.

  6. LOOOOOVE these! gah 🙂 makes me excited to hold my little girl in a few short days!!!

  7. so sweet!! the puppy ones are adorable 🙂

  8. You can truly see the love in these photo’s

  9. I got a little choked up 🙂 Every one of these photos is bursting with love and happiness. So excited for your family. And those prints on the walls are so perfect.

  10. What a beautiful family! Thank you for sharing the pictures! She is so precious!

  11. Laura Turner Avatar
    Laura Turner

    These bring tears of joy to me for your family. Beautiful pictures, beautiful people!!

  12. adorable!!! love these pictures!!!

  13. These photos are gorgeous! Such a beautiful family!

  14. These pictures are so precious and you look so gorgeous!! I love you hair!

  15. So gorgeous! I love it! Such a beautiful family and a little treasure. Congrats again on bringing home a little one.