Yesterday when I got into work I found this sweet little pile of goodies on my desk!!! Each note had specific directions of when I was supposed to open it. As you can see the top one said OPEN NOW!


There was also a box of chocolates under there 🙂


Plus a NEW COOK BOOK!!! Hungry Girl, by Lisa Lillien. I have never seen this one, I can’t wait to read it and make some guilt-free EATS!


The second envelope drew me a map to the place I was to go to after work. When I showed up I realized it was a new Spa in town! When I arrived the massage therapist informed me that I was getting a 90 minute MASSAGE!!  I have never had anything more then an hour. I was surprised I was even able to walk out of there. It was SPECTACULAR!!!

photo (65)

After the massage the next envelope told me to GO HOME! When I got home I gave Hubby his gift a new laptop back pack filled with lots of practical treats 🙂 Hubby then took me to the Spaghetti Factory, a place we have never been together. My camera died so I didn’t get any pics (bad blogger), but we had a lovely time. This was the BEST DATE night ever, Hubby has really laid out some HIGH expectations 😉 Oh I forgot to mention he has FLOWERS(Lilies) delivered to my work!!


This morning I decided to wake up early again, finishing my February Challenge strong! I have one more chapter to read for my Marriage Study tonight and I wanted to get in some prayer time.

For breakfast I made a batch of banana whipped oats with Blueberries.


I also added in some Blueberry Honest Plank Bar and Banana Chips for extra CRUNCH!


Tonight I have a EXTREME KB with Michael can’t wait!

Question: Today is Ash Wednesday, do you partake?

I am not Catholic, but I do give up something for Lent. I believe in the significance of Lent. This year I have decided to fast from TV for 40 days.