Little Things Making A Big Difference


Little Things Making A Big Difference        

By- Kristina Zelisko is an Account Manager at Buzz Promote which works in affiliation with HydroWorx. She’s an outdoor and healthy living style enthusiast.

The Christmas goodies have been long packed away and spring finally upon us which means diet panic is just beginning to rear its ugly head. Once the flowers start to poke their heads above the ground, the panic will turn full flown as we all struggle to shed those extra winter pounds that seem to have snuck up on us out of nowhere, right before bathing suit season begins.

Have no fear, because if you start now with a few almost ridiculously easy steps, you’ll be more than ready to hit the beach when the time comes.

Portion size

Every diet plan goes on and on about portion size and we try. We really do. But sometimes it tastes so good that we have to force ourselves to not lick the plate. Want an easier way? Smaller plates. I know, it seems too easy to be true, but it isn’t. We eat with our eyes just as much as we do with our stomach and if your plate looks full then your brain registers it as a full portion.

Random exercise

There are about a billion opportunities for exercise that we miss everyday without giving them a second thought. Even if you already walk to your local errands rather than drive you can still improve the outcome by picking up the pace from a stroll to a brisk pace, taking the stairs rather than the elevator, or adding basic strap on leg weights when you’re just out and about.

 Burn calories during play

If you’re in the family or community pool splashing around with your kids or friends, why not turn it into an impromptu exercise pool? Do a few laps or use the natural resistance of water to jog in place. Using it as an exercise pool can double your calorie loss in comparison with the same activity on land.

There are many little ways that you can get the jump on bathing suit season and push back that last minute diet panic. Just think about your daily activities and turn them into something more. Something you’ll strut proudly on the beach. It doesn’t have to be as difficult as you think it might be.

Great tips girl!

Question: Are you ready for bathing suit weather???


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