Tonight was my first official Cross Country Meet as a Coach, I still can’t believe I was in CHARGE! I left a little early from work to make it in time to meet up with the kids at school.

THEY ROCKED IT! I feel like a PROUD MOM :). I see some major room for improvement, and I learned a lot for example bring running shoes because I ran all over the course to cheer them on! Over all they all finished a strong 2 miles and had fun. Here are some of them with their awards.

Picture 022

I so need a nice Coach Polo shirt, I look like one of the runners..LOL

After the grand festivites Hubby and I decided to enjoy a date night together at the Gourmet Pizza Shop, I so needed a BEER!

Picture 023

Love my Hanger 24 Orange Wheat. 

Picture 024

Hubby giving me his “I am so hungry I could eat your face”, look. 

Picture 025

I ordered their “That’s A Gouda” minus the cheese; BBQ SAUCE, CHICKEN, CILANTRO, RED ONIONS, and CASHEWS.  The best thing ever!

Picture 027

What a busy fun exciting day! When I got home I found the course to my first 5k of the running season details in my email. I haven’t run a 5k in a very long time, so it will be fun to see how well I do. I told all of my students to come out and participate or just come out to cheer me on ;). 


This weekend Hubby and I are staying up at Forest Home(where we work) for my first conference I am registering at, The “Adult Bible Conference”. We will be gone Friday night through Sunday morning(I am going to have to do the 5k in-between) we couldn’t be more excited to GET AWAY for the weekend!!!!

I have Bobbi’s Boot camp early in the morning so I am going to check up on my bloggies and then call it a night!!!

Question: Do you like 5k’s? What is your favorite running distance?

I LOVE 10ks!


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