Love Grown Give-Away

Love Grown Foods, my absolute favorite oatmeal, granola, and cereal company out there!!! Just came out with KIDS cereal for all our #littleloves! RJ is in love with them and so is Hubby 😉

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We are excited to offer you all a FRIDAY FUN giveaway!!!!

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Like their regular cereals, these are made with BEANS and are wheat free, GMO free and vegan.

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The giveaway for the Love Grown Kids Cereal will go through Sunday January 31.  The winner will be announced on Monday February 1st.

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33 responses to “Love Grown Give-Away”

  1. The show Younger! It’s so fun!

  2. Polar puffs!

  3. The blueberry vanilla!

  4. Yum. Sea Stars peaked my interest.

  5. Chocolate Comet Crispies!

  6. Sea Stars!

  7. Looks yummy! Polar puffs would be my first choice

  8. Tracey Malone Avatar
    Tracey Malone

    I would love to win these cereals. Sounds yummy.

  9. Polar Puffs!

  10. My son would love any of these! Actually, so would my husband!

  11. Dayna Hughes Avatar
    Dayna Hughes

    I’d love to try the comet crispies!!

  12. The Comet Crispies would be my first choice.

  13. Rebekah Smith Avatar
    Rebekah Smith

    Never heard of these before but want to try!

  14. My little guy would love the Sea Stars!

  15. The polar puffs in blueberry vanilla look awesome!

  16. The polar puffs look the best. Closely followed by the comet crispies!

  17. Jenn Day Avatar
    Jenn Day

    I would love the polar puffs, for sure! What stores will they be carried in?

  18. The Polar Puffs sound fun and my two year old would probably like them all:)

  19. I would like to try the blueberry vanilla puffs.

  20. I think the polar puffs look yummy— my kids would totally go for the comet crispies (probably my hubby too)

  21. Melissa S Avatar
    Melissa S

    Wow, these sound delicious!
    Especially the Fruity Sea Stars straight from the box!

  22. Polar puffs!

  23. Polar Puffs!!! So excited about these!

  24. Tasty sea stars

  25. I would love to try the fruity sea stars. I bet they would be good in yogurt.

  26. The fruity sea stars look fantastic!

  27. Tori Baucum Avatar
    Tori Baucum

    The fruity sounds delicious!

  28. My older kids would probably like to try the comet crispies and the sea stars and polar puffs would be perfect snacks to bring when we’re out and about for my little ones. I think they all look good!

  29. The blueberry vanilla polar puffs look delicious!! I would LOVE to try!

  30. Laura T. Avatar
    Laura T.

    Yay- I love when companies offer more selection to their organic choices! I would love to try the Polar Puffs, but I am sure my hubby would love all of the flavors!

  31. Tracey C Avatar
    Tracey C

    I personally would love to try the Polar Puffs, but I’m sure my son would like the Sea Stars.

  32. Polar puffs for sure