I love love love, getting out before the sun rises for a run on Saturday Mornings!!!

My Cross-Country team and I went out for our longest run yet, 5.5 miles. For me this was a shorter run, but for them it was hard. They all rocked it and I sure made them do a lot of hills, I am such a nice coach :). Skinny Bride even came out to run with us!!

After our run SB and I went out for breakfast, while waiting for it to open we grabbed some coffee and walked around the Farmers Market.

food 018

food 019

Mmmm.. I was craving me some fruit, but I had no cash on me.

food 020

We ended up going to Martha Greens for breakfast, my second favorite diner in Redlands. I ordered the Muesli, it had raisins, grapes, pecans, honey, and melon mixed in.

food 021

Best Muesli I have EVER had!!! Well, it was also the first time I have had it at a restaurant ;).

food 022

Skinny Bride and I talked about life, and of course all her fun wedding plans!! I am throwing her, Bridal Shower for her in a couple weeks and can’t wait. It is going to be a grand event :).

I also brought home Hubby his favorite thing in the whole world. Fresh baked sourdough bread, I think I get brownie points for this one!

food 024

When I got home, look who was still sleeping and it’s 10:30am!!!


Such a rough life :).

Happy Saturday, I am off to watch the HLS Live Streaming!


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