KB tonight class was awesome. I love it when I feel like I really kicked everyone’s butts 😉 There will be more butt kicking on Wednesday.

On my way home tonight, I turned up the radio and sang really loud as though I was on stage or something 😉 I am really not that great of a singer, but I do love to sing. I know that I am in a great mood when I sing out loud.

Why am I in a great mood?

No particular reason, but it could be because I talked to three amazing friends today and have had some really meaningful conversations over the past weekend. Or maybe it’s because I got to hold a new little baby tonight 😉

Welcome Chloe Revay!!! Isn’t she beautiful?

IMG_0055 IMG_0053

Anyways I am not really sure why I am in such a great mood, but I will tell you this I am going to keep singing out loud in the car, because it makes me oh so happy 🙂

Question: When was the last time you sang out loud at the top of your  lungs?


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