Lunch With a Mexican

Did you guys know I was Hispanic? Well half Hispanic half mutt, but whatever. I feel as though the Mexican in me has come out a lot this week!! I have had two burritos, and some Mexican Lasagna!  I actually don’t care for Mexican food, because it is so greasy and fattening, but the healthier version I am in LOVE with!!!

For lunch I brought some leftover Mexican Lasagna, I froze most of it so I can bring it out later in the month.


I had a mini Gala apple and mixed green salad with balsamic vinegar on the side.


I also mixed up my mid-morning snack this morning! I added some PB2 to my yogurt and granola mixture, wow why haven’t I done this sooner, holy yum!!! 


I will be doing this a lot more often!!! I think this would have been really good with some mashed up nanners!

I didn’t end up going to Kettlebell class this morning. Besides having some things to do around the house, I knew my body needed the rest. My energy level has been SO MUCH BETTER, thank you all for your sweet words!!! Oh and I don’t think I am prego, but my tummy still isn’t 100% better, I might need to get a food allergy test done.

I have a 5 mile walk planned tonight with my friend Melissa, were hitting up Chipotle again, and I packed my dinner to take a long:)

QUESTION: If you eat something that your body doesn’t like, how long would you say it takes to pass through your system?? My stomach has been icky since Sunday.

See you tonight!


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