Make A Difference Monday: SERCATION!

Good morning friends! I had a wonderful 8 hours of sleep, and am feeling a lot better. Not 100% but I am sure I will be there soon. I did some detox yoga this morning, in honor of my detoxifing week. I am not doing a total detox(not kicking the caffeine) but just eating REAL FOOD all week!

I am not Catholic, but I like the meaning behind Lent, and since FAT TUESDAY is just around the corner, I figured I better choose something to give up for 40 days QUICK! I toyed with coffee, but that’s a negative! I think I am going to do sweets again, because right now I can’t keep my hands off of them! What would you give up for 40 days????


This morning I was so excited to have oats, because I wanted to try my wheatberries in them!


Oh they were pleasantly delicious! I added about 2 tablespoons to my oats and I couldn’t really taste them but the texture of them was nice and chewy. Hopefully the extra fiber will keep me full!

I also added PB2 in the pot while cooking, added a creamy texture to the oats and a great PB flavor! There is also some toasted pecans , golden raisins, almond milk and a little Honest Food Plank.


I also had a cup of black coffee, and my Emergency C!



I wanted to talk about some more volunteer opportunities, to help us get out there and serve our communities. I was reading a magazine recently, can’t remember which one, and it was talking about serving on your next vacation! I thought, what an idea, I have never thought about doing something in the community for the week that I am off! I shall call this SERCATION, Service+Vacation.

So what kinds of things could you do on a week vacation? How about working at your local Boys and Girls Club. You could even do a bit of traveling and help out with Habitat for Humanity or even do it in your own neighborhood. Or how about volunteering at a local YMCA, or even your local Community Center to tutor kids. There are opportunities everywhere!

Would you be willing to take a week long vacation serving someone else? I have done a lot of mission work, but never on my vacation time! Man what an idea.


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