Make A Difference Monday: Would You Pay for a Stranger?


Since we didn’t do pizza night on Friday, we had it last night.

Her Side


His Side



I started off with one piece and some BBQ POP Chips, but then of course went back for another.


I love pizza so much that I am creating a link on the side bar to help you all find our pizza night recipes:)


Is it just me or was it hard for you to wake up this morning? The darkness made me want to just curl right up and stay in bed. Luckily I didn’t do that and just jumped right in the shower.

I wanted to do Yoga, but I have to be at work early this morning, it’s a teacher in-service day(aka lot’s of meetings). Which means I get off early so I plan on coming home before I teach AKB tonight at 7:30, and then I shall do my Yoga.


I did manage to make a yummy bowl of oats:


I mixed in 1/2 a peach again, PB2, Vanilla, Pumpkin Spice, and 1/2 banana. Topped with Agave Nectar, chopped pecans,wheat berries, and some cranberry apple butter:)

With a cup of black coffee in my new mug from Anthropology:)



I heard about this restaurant last week and was so excited to share it with you all because today’s topic was about paying for a stranger!  Have you ever paid for the person behind you at a coffee shop, or even a restaurant? Well this restaurant I found is all about just that!

“The Seva Cafe is a very unique dining experience simply, because there are no prices to any of the meals. The food you eat is actually paid for by someone who came before you, someone who you have never met.

At the end of the meal, each guest, in turn, gets an opportunity to pay for a future guest’s meal. Instead of receiving a bill with an amount due, guests receive an empty envelope in which each guest can leave whatever they wish as a gift for someone else.

What the Seva Cafe is really about, however, is the opportunities of service that this experiment creates. Volunteers wash dishes, bus tables, make sandwiches all with one single-minded focus, to learn what it is to serve others with genuine love.”

A Testimonial

“That night I saw the difference a group of strangers could make, I made new friends, I witnessed pure acts of selflessness, I saw the restaurant go from empty to at capacity, and I left energized & happy that I was somehow able to be a part of it all. There is no telling what will happen the next time I volunteer at Seva Café.”

Isn’t this the most amazing thing! WOW, I think this Cafe can teach us a lesson here about serving others with authentic LOVE.

Question:  Would you pay for a strangers meal? Have you ever done so?

My answer: I have never paid for a strangers meal, but I have bought someone’s coffee behind me at Starbucks. I want to visit this place!!! If you don’t live in CA, you can still pay for someone’s meal at this link.

Peace and Love,


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