Making a Difference in Our World

Today is the first day of my new blog organization. I have decided that I will still be posting my recipes and workouts each day too.

Mondays I will be posting about making a difference in our world:

This time of year there are so many organizations out there to support and most people are in the giving spirit. We as a nation are so consumed with wants and MUST haves for Christmas. We even try to make Christmas into such a commercialized and shopping overloaded HOLIDAY( me included) ! I have been encouraged this Christmas to stop taking and wanting and be OTHERS centered, and this is HARD!!! So I researched it a bit and found some great ways you can make a difference this year, it’s NOT too late!!!

  • Donate new toys to needy children in your local community through the Toys for Tots program. You can make a drop-off at Toys ‘R Us and Babies ‘R Us stores all around the country, or make a financial contribution to the cause online.
  • Purchase your presents through the GoodShop. This online shopping portal allows you to select your favorite charity, and donate a portion of your purchase price to the cause you select. Make sure to bookmark the site—it’s the perfect way to make a contribution whenever you make a purchase through your favorite online shops.
  • Check out a charity auction. This time of year, plenty of local nonprofit groups hold charity auctions, where you can purchase collectible art, vacation packages, and all sorts of other goodies, with all proceeds going to charity. If there’s not one happening near you, check out an online charity auction site like, or bid on the drool-worthy prizes available through the food bloggers’ annual auction, Menu for Hope, which benefits Friends of the World Food Program.
  • Volunteer to serve Christmas dinner to the residents of a local homeless shelter or senior care facility. To find holiday volunteer options close to home, run a search on VolunteerMatch

    Sponsor a child in a developing country through an organization like Plan USA or World Vision. Your ongoing contribution will help you establish a meaningful connection with a child, helping to pull him or her out of extreme poverty. It’s what the giving spirit’s all about.

    Learn more about ways to help the world, and donate to any US-based nonprofit, at



I am up early this morning, had a bit of a sore throat and couldn’t sleep. So I am planning out the day.

Monday Check List:

  • Coffee and take Bosco for a walk
  • Breakfast
  • Clean bathroom
  • Bake
  • Make Menu for Christmas Dinner
  • Pick up one more thing for Hubbys stocking
  • Wrap presents
  • Prep Dinner
  • Write up review and contest
  • Teach AKB tonight

I hope this SORE THROAT goes away so I can get much accomplished. I will have the contest and review up soon no worries 🙂

Have a HAPPY MONDAY!!!!!



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