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The kid swapping is such a good idea! I don’t have children, and my boyfriend and I don’t really have a date night, but we do go out to the movies or out to dinner pretty regularly. Im sure kids make that much harder to do.

you know i feel like david and I have never really done “date” night per say…I kind of feel like every night we are just enjoying each other. I do think that’s awesome, but the down side is we probably need to take time for a little more romance. Great reminder.

LOVE the dinner passport idea!
We have always done date days/nights, usually one a month before baby and we are still doing that now after baby. I agree it is very important to keep up.
This is an awesome post!

I love this! My hubs and I have been married almost 12 years. Since our kids came along 3 1/2 yrs ago, date nights have been few and far between. Last year we started doing date days instead of spending money on a babysitter. We both take the day off from work, while the kids are in school and spend the day doing whatever we want together. Now that the kids are getting older, I’m really seeing the need for us to get away and spend more along time sans kids. It’s vital for our marriage and a happy family.

I love your ideas, the passport especially. My hubs and I are coming up on 10 years and for the past two years we’ve been going on weekly date nights (thanks to my MIL who comes every Thursday). I look forward to these nights so much. I need them. WE need them. They are the highlight of my week and the moment when we connect. It’s so incredibly important, especially for our kids to see us going out together and investing in us. My husband also takes our daughter (4) on regular date nights and it is incredibly special to her and I know will help her develop in to a confident young woman.

I love this post. We don’t have kids yet, but with a busy life even as a childless couple making time can be really hard. I love all of these tips for now and for when we might have little ones! Something I wish we would do more is take pictures. When we find the time to go out, we rarely take pictures and I always regret it later.

This post gave me the best warm fuzzies! My boyfriend is my best friend and I hope when we are married and if we have kids we are still able to keep our relationship a priority. I think the fact that both our parents have been married a long time (my parents since they were 23, his since teenagers!) and are still extremely in love and make time for each other, it’s easier for us than people who haven’t grown up with happy and healthy relationship role models!

P.S. let us know how NROL Supercharged goes! I’m doing NROLFW at the moment and won’t know what to do with myself once it’s finished!

My husband and I attempt to try new restaurants in Toronto, but more often, we frequent are favourites. There is comfort in knowing that the food is great and you will actually get a seat somewhere!

Communication is so so key. And for me, it’s an area that I am continually growing in. Easy communication does not come easy for me, an introvert, but I have been making more of a conscious effort to be open and honest.

Love this, Bobbi! <3

Love that you are making you a priority. The dinner passport is such a cute idea. I love passport stamps.

We don’t have children yet BUT we do have a date night every Saturday. We may only go to dinner and come home and watch a movie but we always disconnect from technology and focus on each other!

That passport idea is really fun! My husband and I swap date nights once a month with a couple from our church. It has been great!

I love the passport idea. So fun! Totally going to do that!

I am all about try new and different things with my hubby – it is the spice of life! and I agree that making “us” a priority, in turn makes the whole family better

I love these ideas! Especially the passport. Chicago has so many restaurants, and sometimes we forget which new ones want to explore. I think I will make a passport to help us remember!

Another fun idea for you: Each of you write two date ideas and don’t tell each other. You put them in a sealed envelope, and when it’s time for date night we draw to see what we will do. My husband puts a ton of thought into them. Love it!

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