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“What do we do all day?!” that is my exact thought when it comes to children and why I’m not very comfortable with them. I was the baby in my family and I haven’t had much experience with babies so I’m like a fish out of water with them. I hope that if/when I raise a child I will figure it out! 🙂 Glad I’m not alone!

I love this post! I am also a new mom, my daughter is going to be 11 months on Sunday. I do have mommy anxiety (I have had it since she was born) and its a feeling I cannot shake no matter what. I worry that she is not getting the proper nutrition. She still has NO teeth, not even poking through so that is tricky when giving her solid foods for her to gum. All she likes is peas, carrots, sweet potatoes, toast, waffles with a little bit of spray butter. She is not taking well to any fruits, unless I puree them (which is a lot of work). HATES eggs. I had been struggling to get her to start using a sippy cup or a straw and she has no interest. I feel like I am failing her but I know that every baby is different. It just makes me think what I am doing wrong…

Although I work full-time out of the house, my daughter LOVES daycare and is such a social baby. I struggled a bit the past year on how to balance the full time working mommy and how to incorporate my wife duties at home, employee at work, and mommy at home (which is a struggle since by the time we all get home we only have about 1 1/2-2 hours before this little girl is done for the day and in bed), etc. I felt like I was constantly trying to do everything 100% and time with her was getting pushed to the side because I felt everything else needed to be done. I finally had to settle back and see what my main priorities are. My husband and I both agreed that while my daughter was awake and at home with us, my time should be dedicated to her and not focusing on cleaning, laundry, cookings, etc. Its still a work in progress and I feel everyother week there is a new challenge. The new challenge right now is that she has decided to either get up in the middle of the night, or fight us for 2 hours to go to bed even though she is exhausted. I am hoping its teething (oh please let it be teeth!) but who knows. She is a pretty chill baby and really easy going and every time she acts up or is upset, I always assume its teething. I have been thinking that the past 6 months and we still dont have teeth, so what do I know!

I love the way you think! Also, the pictures are just absolutely beautiful, Bobbi!

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