{Five Minute Friday} Lost

Happy Friday friends!

The family and I are headed to our 5th family camp this summer up at Forest Home for the week. I have plenty in store for you next week, a coffee date, crossfit, summer grilling ideas and even a workout!!!

I have decided to partake in something from Lisa Joe Bakers Blog called 5 minute Fridays. How does it work? Write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking on a topic they choose for the week. Fun right? Back to basics kind of blogging!

This week the topic is Lost…


I want to get lost in love and laughter. To be so far from trying to be someone I am not and really just get lost in the moments, in the smiles in the conversations and in the giggles. I want to be lost in the weekend and find pure refreshment in rest. I want to get away with my best friends and enjoy a cocktail or snow cone and enjoy a relaxing weekend by the pool.

When I come home I want to head to camp, refreshed and ready for a fun time away in the mountains with God and my family.

I want to lose my phone and my computer in enjoy the great outdoors.I want to leave my makeup and real pants at home. I want to lose social media for the week and not wanting to tell the world about it every step of the way, but just capturing the moments while we are in them. I want to act like a 5 year old on the giant swing and I want to play in the creek with my daughter and not worry if my hair get’s messed up.

That’s it, I am ready, let’s get LOST!


4 responses to “{Five Minute Friday} Lost”

  1. Bobbi! I adore you!

  2. Lately I’ve been finding myself lost in the moment – and that is a great thing!

  3. That is so awesome. I hope you have a wonderful vacation with your family! ENJOY!

  4. Hello from your Five Minute Friday neighbor! I just want to eat the dessert in your picture! YUM! I totally feel you getting lost in your thoughts is a much needed thing sometimes!!