Workout With a Friend: CrossFit Completed {Propel}

Happy Monday!

Hope that you all had an amazing weekend. We are enjoying a week of ‘un-plugging’ up at Forest Home. It’s fun to be a family of 3 this year.

Well I did it! I finally tried out CrossFit at a real BOX. Like I said before, my friend Amy owns a local gym in town and invited me to come workout with her for a week. That week has came and gone and boy did I get my butt kicked!

I have done very similar type workouts because GPP is very much like CrossFit, but it still was a bit different. I really liked her gym, everyone was SUPER SUPER friendly and welcoming. I always was afraid to step into a BOX because I felt intimidated even though I’m not in the worst shape in the world. I am super competitive and I just didn’t want to look like the ‘weakest link’. Well thank goodness I didn’t feel like that at ALL!!!

nHerShoes - CrossFit

I loved how Amy really broke down the fundamentals and basics with me, even though I am an experienced athlete. She treated me like a newbie, which was great! There are several moves that I’ve been wanting to get help with, like the Overhead Squat, Back Squat and Power Cleans. All these things we do in GPP, but with a lot less weight.

We had fun playing around on the bars and learning some new fun pull-ups…

I, of course, stayed hydrated and made sure to listen to my body when I needed breaks.

The first day was probably the hardest WOD. It was 40 minutes long and KILLER! We did Rows, Kettlebell Swings, Double Unders and Planks with Rings. I was a dripping mess!

So the breakdown of a class goes a little bit like this:
– Warm Up
– Skill
– Then the WOD

And usually just the skill in itself was a pretty crazy workout.

So the big question is… “Am I going to start doing CrossFit?

Although I did love it and I plan to come visit on occasion, I won’t be signing up soon. I love kickboxing, GPP, running and biking a little too much to commit to that kind of gym membership. Also lifting super heavy isn’t my “crazy.” Running 26.2 miles or riding my bike for 4 hours is my “crazy.”

Everyone has their things that drives and pushes them to be “their best possible,” and so do it! BE TRUE TO YOU!

Alright… I have met two amazing challenges with Propel so far! I can’t wait for July’s Challenge because you are all going to be invited and I have an amazing PROPEL GIVEAWAY to give a couple of winners!

Questions: Have you tried CrossFit? If you haven’t, what has been holding you back?  

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2 responses to “Workout With a Friend: CrossFit Completed {Propel}”

  1. Reenie Avatar

    I just started Crossfit. The Box I joined, has a mandatory On Ramp (beginners) class, 2 times a week, for a month. I can’t imagine just walking into a Box and doing one of their WODs, without training on how to lift, the different lifts, exercises, etc.

  2. I’ve always wondered what cross fit would be like.