McCormick Day of Fun!

Yesterday afternoon hubby and I took a day to ourselves. We went out to Victoria Gardens which is a 30minuet drive so we burned a sermon from our home church in Memphis, Fellowship Memphis, and listened to it on the way there. It was good to hear some good southern drawl, we you don’t hear it for a while you really start to miss it.

We walked around the outdoor mall for about an hour. Looked at furniture we would love to buy someday at Crate and Barrel, and tried on a couple pairs of pants in the spirit of fall. Nothing I really liked and I am trying to save money so unless it’s a necessity I don’t want it. But I did try on a pair of American Eagle pants just for kicks and I fit into a size 4! I think I am going to have to post about my weight loss I think it would truly inspire some of you. I used to be a size 12-13, just 2 years ago.

Then we decided on what we wanted for dinner sense we both were starting to get hungry so we walked in to the Cheesecake Factory. We both are not big lovers of cheesecake, for one it hurts my tummy and two it’s just too rich. A bite is good enough, anymore then that and we get too full. But we love the food there.

I hadn’t eaten there in quite a while so I forgot how flippin HUGE their portions are. We could have shared a meal if we liked the same types of things. Lots of choices on the menu, and while I knew we were on a date and I shouldn’t worry about calorie intake, I still did. I looked up how many calories were in some of their salads, and it was something like 85o per salad! I know that is if you get all the dressing and fried stuff on top. So I went with the BBQ chicken salad and asked for no fried onions and the BBQ sauce on the side. They brought it to me and it was a mountain of goodness. Hubby got the Parmesan chicken sandwich and mashed potatoes his was human size. Oh and I figured what the heck and got a glass of the house Cab.

I only ate 1/4th if the salad and took the rest to go. I knew that I wanted some desert after dinner so I wanted to save room. I had a gift certificate for Cold Stone I got from one of my students I have been meaning to save it for a special occasion and tonight was it. I wanted there new yogurt but they no longer carry it (they need to take down the sign then!). So got some raspberry sorbet with raspberries mixed in and a drizzle of chocolate on top and hubby got vanilla bean of course with butter finger.

Hubby being silly at the movie:)

Now we were satisfied and ready to go to the movies. A little background about the movies, hubby and I have only seen 4 movies in the movie theater together ever. It’s too expensive and if were going, it better be well worth it! We have heard that this movie, Fireproof was a good see, so we thought we would give it a try.

Boy are we glad we saw it, it was amazing. I think this is a movie all couples need to see. Even if your marriage is fine and dandy it gives you an incite to what true love is. My favorite quote is “Fireproof doesn’t mean you won’t get burned but it’s when the fire comes you will be able to with stand it“. Matt and I both cried it was a sweet movie(not the chick flick kind).

You can take a look at the Fireproof website, and check out the preview below:

This week is going to be a bit unusual. It’s only a four day week sense I will be leaving for Utah on Friday morning for the marathon weekend! Also my brother, his gf Dessie, and my nephew will be staying with us for a week while there new place gets set up, so I ll have a two year old running around:) Oh and I am still car less but getting the new engine put in today! Yeah for Mondays (my attempt to be positive).


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