McFlurry and Fries Please

Last night Hubby and I went to the Harvest Crusade Concerts with our friends Katie and Colin.

food 034food 035

Instead of paying an arm and leg for the concession stands with grabbed Subway before we went in. I ordered the Turkey Sandwich stuffed with all the veggies.

food 037

Instead of chips, I opted for sliced apples, but they kind of tasted funny.

food 038

While waiting for the concert to start Hubby and I played, well I played and Hubby just looked cute.

food 039food 040

The concert and speakers were AMAZING! What a refreshing time :).

food 041

After the show I was STARVING and it was late so the only option we had was McDonalds, I soooo wanted a McFlurry and fries!!! I was good though and ordered the snack size parfait, this took A LOT OF SELF CONTROL!

food 042

I was so tired last night that I crashed the whole way home!! When I woke up this morning the clock said 8am! I finally got a full 8 hours of sleep :).

Once I got out of bed Bosco and I went for some Coffee, he loves Sunday Morning car rides.

food 044

I also picked up Hubby his favorite Sunday Morning Breakfast, more brownie points for me ;).

food 045

As soon as I got home I made MY Sunday Morning Breakfast, a GM! I was so craving one of these this morning.

food 046

Tonight I am teaching kickboxing and my body is sore all over from Friday’s boot camp. I hope I can push through it. After AKB I am meeting up with a local blogger for dinner at a new restaurant in town, can’t wait!

Well off to Church I go, have a restful Sunday!!!


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