Midnight Wake Up Call From the Police!


Last night started out lovely, Hubby, Bosco and I all passed out early and decided to call it a night.

Then at midnight we had the most frightening thing that has ever happened to us. Our bedroom door swung open, bright flashlight moving, gun pointing, with a man yelling at us “ Sherriff, please show me your hands”, Hubby grabbed his bat that is under the bed and yelled back at the man, “Get out of my house, show me our badge!”. I quickly rolled out of bed on to the floor hiding behind the bed.

We then saw that it WAS a Sherriff and he as soon as he saw that we were not going to do any harm to him he put his gun away and we turned on the light. He then proceeded to yell at us and tell Hubby he almost shot him(with a lot of other profanity in there). I was shaking so badly and so disoriented!!! Hubby stepped outside with the officer who proceeded to tell him that he had rang our door bell, knocked on all of our doors and he couldn’t believe we didn’t hear him.

Hubby, Bosco and I must be pretty deep sleepers(which is freighting if it was a burglar). We then found out that  it was our neighbor who had called the Police. They had seen that our garage door was left open so they first came over and knocked on our door and rang the doorbell and we never answered so they were worried (talk about some nice neighbors). They had a bad neighborhood experience once, where some of their friends had left their garage door open and got burglarized while they were sleeping and they didn’t want the same thing to happen to us. So they called the Police to come check on us.

Well check on us they did!! Man I can’t believe that really happened last night, just typing about it still gives me the chills. I know that the Police are their to protect us, but I sure felt violated. Hubby and I couldn’t go to sleep so we stayed up and watch some Dave Chappell and ate cereal to try and calm our nerves.

Being waken up in the middle of the night is never fun put by a POLICE OFFICER is the worst!

What a stressful week between the fires and Police wake up I need a week off!!!

Needless to say, I didn’t get in a run, no pancakes were made, but we did manage to make it to Church. I am sitting at my favorite “office” the local Coffee Shop enjoying a cup of Vanilla Chai while tackling my Google Task list!

Have you ever had a scary encounter with the Police??

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