Mission Inn 1/2 Marathon

“Begin each day like it was on purpose”-Hitch

The quote above is exactly how I feel each time I start a day with a race! Yesterday morning I was tired, but I knew that I had a purpose to be up and ready to tackle the day!

I almost missed the start because I had to use the bathroom right before the race!  Why OH Why do my nerves get me every time?! As soon as we took off I saw my running buddy Fast Jill and sprinted to catch up to her (I started in the way back).  Here we are climbing our first HILL!


I was so happy to have found her, we chatted a lot and that always helps pass the time. 


For the next 8 miles I was feeling great. I kept looking down at my Garmin to check on our pace and we were running a steady 7:30mile. I didn’t plan on beating any type of PR, because I was treated this like a training run. Getting in the miles in, but not killing myself. At mile 10 I was getting pretty antsy and decided to sprint in my last 5k. My body was feeling good, I had taken one Hammer Gel at mile 7 and could feel this was the time to pick it up. I always tell myself, “Only 12 laps around the track…only 10 laps around the track…one more lap around the track”.

When I turned the corner at the last mile my race was not against everyone but against the person in front of me. Once I passed that person, the next person in front of me was my race!!! I passed 6 people on the way in, and it felt great!!


Garmin Stats: 
Distance: 13.09 
Time: 1:39:12
Mile 1 7:24
Mile 2 7:56
Mile 3 8:02
Mile 4 7:23
Mile 5 8:04
Mile 6 7:48
Mile 7 7:47
Mile 8 7:40
Mile 9 7:46
Mile 10 7:37
Mile 11 7:31
Mile 12 6:53
Mile 13 7:10
Mile 13.09 5:41
Race Results: 
Overall 92/500
Age Division: 8th
Overall Girl: 16
Average Pace: 7:39 

Overall I was very pleased with my time and finish :). For just being a training run I thought I did pretty well. I didn’t beat my overall half PR, but I set a new PR for this course. I only have three more weeks until my Marathon, and two more long runs!!

When I woke up this morning I was a little sore, but I think movement and stretching will cure that. My Sciatic is ok, no pain throughout the WHOLE RACE!

I am making an appointment with the Chiropractor today, so I will keep you all updated.



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