Monday mishaps, wait it’s Tuesday!

Kickboxing was fun last night, I just need to get some new music! I am tired of the same CD playing over and over. Any suggestions? Before class I also got to see my friends precious new baby Emma Rose at the hospital she was so beautiful makes me want to have one,but I am still waiting were on the 5 year…

When I got home I had my usual Monday night bowl of cereal, with a little Fiber One and some Kashi Flax & Almonds. I never know what’s the best thing to eat at 9 o’ clock at night. I don’t want to have a heavy meal because I am about to go to bed, but I don’t want to skip dinner either. I need to plan my Monday night dinners better.
This morning I woke up super early and went to a spin/weight training class with my running buddy. It was great! I loved the cycling, I felt strong and what a great workout for my legs. We did 30 minutes of spinning, and then 30 minutes of weights and abs. I love mixing it up like that, I am not sure I would want to do a full hour spin class. I am hoping that doing these spin classes will make me a better cyclist. I need to do a bit of research on spin class technique and how it can improve my cycling skills, well the future ones that is. My heart rate definitely got up there, but not as much as I would have liked, but I sure did sweat! I am looking forward to doing it again this week.

This morning I wanted to try to make some of Kath’s home made pecan granola. Well I had two big mishaps:( As I was trying to maneuver around the kitchen, Bosco decided to trip me and I had I tripped and hit the open oats container and it flew all over the counter on to my laptop!!! I could have gotten very upset but I started laughing instead and took a picture to share with all of you…Ok so I thought that was all that could have gone wrong this morning, but that would have been too easy. So of course the cooking timer didn’t go off, and my granola got a little burnt but I think it still might be edible, I hate waisting food!! I ll start over tomorrow….

I cooked up a McCormick Muffin this morning, there was no Turkey Bacon so I had to make due with a veggie style sandwich. Oroweat Double Fiber English Muffins, a slice of low fat Cheddar cheese, and one egg (which ended up being a twin!). I had half a banana and some Zap Pb on the side with a shot of Monavie, and some H2O. I had my coffee this morning before the gym.

I have a pretty easy day ahead of me, I need to make that hair appointment so I can CHOP my hair off, it’s driving me CRAZY! O and I found hubby and me costumes yesterday or 40% off! We are going to be….I will have to take pics at the party this weekend, don’t want to spoil the surprise:) Have a wonderful Tuesday hope your morning was better then mine!


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