Winner of the Living Harvest Hempmilk Giveaway!

Last night I got to have dinner with my mama and bro. On Tuesday nights, bro and I have the Truth Project study together so I get to have dinner with the fam before we head out. I love that! It guarantees me one night a week to spend some quality time with people I love. Last nights class was on Science; evolutionism vs creationism. WOW it was intense. I think the biggest thing I took away as a creationist myself was how beautifully orchestrated everything is that is around us and in us I am in aww.

This morning I slept in because it’s my day off from exercise. I love waking up with out an alarm. Hubby slept in too so I got to wake up with him by my side( this rarely happens hubby gets up at 4am every morning). He is sleeping still so I have the whole house to myself. I woke up and was super motivated to try my home made granola again!

I did and it turned out beautifully:) I think I want to play around with the recipe a bit. I also made a nice bowl of Pb Oats. Pb Oats
1/2 c coaches oats
1/2 c hemp milk
1/4 c water
1/4 c pb granola
handful of pecans
1/2 banana
drizzle of honey on top
spoonful of Zap pb

mmm…enough said. I would have loved to add something chocolaty to the mix, but that’s a weekend treat:)

Well after reading all of your comments about why you would love to try Living Harvest Hemp Milk, we have a winner! I love Living Harvests products, thank you again Katie! I enjoyed everything I received the health benefits are great and I can’t wait to try more.

This was my first contest and it was a lot of fun, I can’t wait to do more:) I wasn’t sure how to choose a winner so I went through Otherwise hubby and I would have been writing on small pieces of paper and pulling out of a hat.

So without further ado…

The winner of the Living Harvest Hemp Milk giveaway package is #7 Heather aka Hangry Pants. Thank you all for participating, I hope you all go out and get some Hemp milk it’s wonderful and tasty.


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