Monday, Sunday, Fun day!


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Woke up this morning to the rain:) WOW we really might have snow on Wednesday! Right now the temp is 38.5 °F / 3.6 °C. I know for most of you that is still pretty warm but for this girl that is CHILLY! I was hoping to go for a brisk walk this morning, but in the spirit of the rain I decided to make some RAINY day Belgian waffles! There’s nothing like pretending a Monday is Sunday:) Not that I am sad it’s Monday, just sad it’s raining. Hubby is happy he loves the rain!

I mixed in mashed banana in the mix, and topped with boysenberries, agave nectar, and some powdered sugar!

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This is a short week for us at school. We have 4 full days and a half day on Friday. Oh and someone asked me what grade I teach, I teach at a Montessori school so we have 1st-6th grade all in our class, it’s a form of community learning (there are three of us teachers in a class). I am so excited for school break that I have decided to have a FUN countdown! Nothing big just can’t wait till FRIDAY! Because Friday is a half day I am planning on running in the afternoon, if the weather permits, and then doing a sculpt class that I never get to do because I work until 6pm. It’s a KETTEL BELL class, one of my favorite things to use when lifting weights. After this week I have 2 weeks OFF!!!!


I am at 39.75 total points! I am hoping to beat that this week. When I get the next two weeks off I will be hitting the gym big time!


Well not really, but there is something that I want to share with you all that I am doing to better my blog!

This blog has been so fun and motivating to do, and it has also been a lot of work that I am not getting paid for . I know that you all understand because I am sure you all work hard at your blogs too. So I have decided to make it a little easier on myself and maybe a little more fun for you all to read. I am still working at perfecting my blog more and more each day. So here is my attempt to make Nhershoes a little bit better.


Mondays: I will be posting about making a difference in our world.|

Tuesdays: I will be posting about feeding the soul.

Wednesdays: I will be posting new work outs and tips for healthier living.

Thursdays: I will be posting about apparel and other great work out stuff

Fridays: I will be posting about fuel, energy, new products, and food!

Saturdays: I will be posting about dinner, birthday, or any occasion party tips!

Sundays: Will be random!

I hope this will be a better way to run my blog, what do you think?

I will be starting this next week!

Have a Happy MONDAY, remember to MAKE A DIFFERENCE out there!



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