I am so much more of a morning person! I went for an early run this morning with my running buddies, 3 very cold but glorious miles. Felt good to get out on the road, this was only my second time running since my marathon! As you can see I haven’t been piling on the miles, but I have been working my bootie for the Bootie Buster Challenge!!

After my run I went to the market for the food I will be making over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

bobbi 395


Christmas Eve Cornbread Stuffing (my favorite)
Christmas Day- Cheese and Egg Casserole for Breakfast
Christmas EveningTurkey, Organic Dressing, Sweet Pea Casserole, Hubby’s Corn, Rolls,Angela’s  This Ain’t Grandma’s Sweet Potato Casserole and fresh cranberry sauce.

Check out my first Christmas Dinner (and other Holiday Madness) from last year, I am so glad this has become a tradition!!!

After shopping I went to the Drive-through Car Wash and cleaned out my entire car inside and out for only $5 and a peace of mind!

When I got home I was famished but wanted a warm and delicious breakfast. So I made a bowl of Pumpkin Cran Oats with POM seeds.

bobbi 394

I added in some mixed nuts on top for a little extra protein. I got this bowl from Hubby last year for Christmas I just love it!

bobbi 393



I am getting excited about Christmas only 2 more days and my check list is nearly finished!!!

  • Start a new book
  • Organize all of my AD(Athletic Director) stuff.
  • Clean out all of my kitchen cupboards
  • Go see the lights at Mission Inn with my family
  • Wash my car inside out!
  • Organize my dresser drawers
  • DO a MAJOR Detail clean to my master bathroom
  • Coffee with friends
  • Running late in the morning!
  • Here is a picture from our Christmas morning last year…MY FAMILY!

    christmas 2008 117

    Man this post took me way longer then it should have!!!! My laptop died so I am using our PC that is like 15 years old and takes FOREVER!!!!

    Have a Happy Hump Day!!!


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