Mountain Biking 101

WOW, Mountain Biking is TOUGH! Our mountain bike with the parents today was a blast! I am so glad they came up today and spent some time with us, we love them!

Mama and Me Before the Ride!

Picture 435

We were ready to tackle the mountain. 
 Picture 434

Right behind where we are staying there is a sky lift that you can take up the mountain and ride your bikes all through the dirt trails.


We had to sign a waver that stated that we wouldn’t sue if we fell off!


We all enjoyed the fun ride up, a little scared but it was fun. 


The Parents


The view was breath taking! 



Our first hour of the ride was intense some major climbs and lot’s of fast steep down hills. There were points that I was sure I was going to fly over the handle bars!!!!


After about an hour I needed some fuel!!!


I enjoyed a BEAR NAKED granola bar, these things are sooooo good! There is some sugar in them but I needed it!


Hubby was a little hungry! 


We first rode 16 killer miles and then we headed back up the top and had a late lunch.


Our view. 


There wasn’t a lot of choices, but by this time I needed some FOOD! There is something about bike riding that makes me SUPER HUNGRY!


I decided to go with the veggie burger dry and just not worry about it. 


I also had some of my new Vega Bars. These aren’t too bad; 200 calories and not too small. I am not a huge fan of the texture, but it did hit the spot. I will have to give them a second chance, I think I was just starved so anything would have tasted good!


I drooled over Hubby’s bacon cheese burger


We headed out for one more ride before we headed back. It was such a gorgeous ride. I love the way the leaves were changing colors and the weather was absolutely perfect! Today I didn’t even feel like I was in California, more like Tennessee!!


We did a total of 22 miles, and as I climbed the hills I kept yelling at myself, “LAST CHANCE WORKOUT, DONT GET OFF THE BIKE!!” The one thing that I love about Mountain Biking is the challenge that it gives me, because I would rather be running and carrying my bike up the hills instead of climbing them!!

Time to get ready for the evening, Hubby and I will probably have a late dinner and just chill for a while. WE ARE TIRED!!

Do you mountain bike? Would you like to?


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