Well I wasn’t sure I was going to make it on the plane today. To make a long story short..I MADE it:)

Half way to the airport I relized I forgot my phone and iPod! Ya checked it off the packing list and then left them on the chargers! Thank goodness I had no bags to check and was able to just check right in. As I was going through security I relized I forgot my pajamas!! Ha ha.. Those were not on the packing list 🙁 oh well.

I am at the Phoenix airport (blogging from the phone) waiting to board my next flight to Chicago. I also forgot to pack my lunch so I had to buy lunch here! I got a aTurkeu Sandwich and Pop Chips for like a billion dollars!!

I am also wearing my Chicago shirt and it’s so fun to have people ask me questions like, ” How many miles is that?” or “Is that today?”.

Time to find some PJ’s!