My Garmin Came Home!!!

WOW I can not believe all of the wonderful BBQ recipe ideas in response to this mornings give-away, keep them coming!

I also forgot to tell you that I won Hangry Pants’, Quaker All Natural Gift Box!!! Thanks Heather and Mark.

When I got home this afternoon, I received two packages on the doorstep, I LOVE SNAIL MAIL! Speaking of which would anybody be interested in doing a blogger exchange?!

First some coupons to try some Odwalla on them, thanks friends!


Second this one was the BEST! MY Garmin, came in who I affectionately like to call speedy. I have been using my friend Christina’s ( girl thank you) and now mine is back and ready to rock.Just in time for my 18 miler on Saturday They fixed it for FREE, thank GARMIN!



Snack 11am: Mrs.Mays’s Almond Crunch, these are AMAZING!


Lunch 1:00pm: I was kind of of in the mood for something else besides a salad today, so I made a very weird combination. TJ’s Organic O’s, with string cheese, and a slice of turkey in it for protein. Wasn’t’ that bad, but not my fave. I aslo had some leftover sweet potato fries, small salad, and an orange.


Snack 4pm: Fage with Banana Nut Cheerios(holy yum) and blueberries. Not the best thing to have right before a workout though, the yogurt must have curled in my stomach!!!


After work today I went to the gym for an AMAZING track workout.

  • 12 minute warm up at a 9 minutes pace.
  • 6X 100 strides quick
  • 4X 200’s at 6:40pace, level 9 with 4×200’s in between to recover
  • 2×400’s at 6:40pace, level 9 with 2×400’s in between to recover at 8:40 pace
  • 3×200’s at 6:40pace, level 9 with 3×200’s in between to recover
  • 5 minute easy cool down

After the run I hit the weights and did a Jillian Michaels mini workout, and A LOT of ab work too.I also did some burpees, with and added push up, I love when people just stare at me when I do these, I am so in the zone that I don’t even notice until I get up and see eyes…who known’s what they are thinking. The best song to do burpes to by the way is Eminem’s, Lose Yourself from the 8 mile sound track. In fact I listen to it over and over on the treadmill too, that song really inspires me to kick booty!


Hubby was exhausted from the lack of sleep he has been getting and wasn’t up to going to Thursday night group, so we went ahead and went out and had dinner right around the corner from our house. Our favorite Thai restaurant Thai Chili. I usually get the yellow curry, but because I am trying to stick to something with simple ingredients, I went with the Tofu Vegetable Stir-fry with brown rice. It was ok, not as good as my Curry!


I was so hungry Hubby and I split some Wonton Chicken Soup as an appetizer. 

My Dish:




mmmm…enough said, I think I could eat Thai food every night for the rest of my LIFE!!! Tomorrow night is GNO(Girls Night OUT) with some ladies at church, and we are going to PF Chang’s another favorite. 

Look at these temptations at work, I so wanted one, and I don’t even like non home-made cupcakes!!!! I didn’t cave in.


Alright friends, I am off to bed early. Ok it’s 10:00pm so that’s not that early, but I have a rest day tomorrow (first one all week), so I only plan on sleeping in and doing Yoga in the morning, work, and then enjoying the evening out with the Girls. No pizza and a movie night for me and Hubbers, but I did get the boys a yummy pizza to have for dinner tomorrow night. What are your FRIDAY night plans???? Anyone have a long run this weekend?

Night Night

edited to add: It is now 11pm, and I am going to bed for real this time:)


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