My Journey to a 3:30 Marathon

So I decided to start a blog about my training for the big RACE! I am so excited to be not just running for the heck of it but to be running with a purpose. You see I joined a local running group called the Redlands Runners, and it has been a blast. We have done a couple local races, and I will be doing my first sprint triathlon this weekend( not to mention a 8k the day before). I know I am crazy but what can I say I am addicted to all the endorphins:)

Well we entered the lottery to get into the St.George Marathon in Utah, and I didn’t think we would get in. But then I got the email and lucky enough we were in! We are excited. My first marathon was in Memphis, the St. Jude Run. It was mentally challenging, because I didn’t train as well as I could have but I finished and got a 4:20 time. I know that I am a much faster and stronger runner then I have ever been and I can’t wait to see where I will be when I am done with this training program. The race is in October, and I am gearing up with all that I have. Now I just need to get my self eating better(not that I eat bad) I just need to know the right things to eat as a runner not just a 26 year old women any suggestions?

Goals for the summer is train hard, eat right, have fun and relax, well a little.


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