My Look-A-Like?

SHHHHHHH don’t tell the Hubby, but after work today I spoiled myself a bit and did a little shopping 🙂 I had some time to kill before KB and thought I would do some window shopping to prep for Christmas (yep I am one of those people). Instead of window shopping I went real shopping! I got some really cute things for FALL, can’t wait to wear them. Sometimes you just gotta give in 😉


After shopping I taught some KB and sweated my BUTT off, FELT AMAZING! I can’t tell you all enough how great it feels NOT to be training for something right now!!!!


When I got home I had a leftover Mahi Mahi taco and some beans..tasted better then last night!! I also had a mini snicker bar for dessert 🙂


Oh just to let you all know the Pumpkin Soup from F&E that I had for lunch today was amazing. Sweet and cinnamony 🙂 I would so buy this again! 


Look what came in the mail! I finally have time to relax and read them 🙂


Side note—>> at the gym today I had two girls swear I was a look-a-like to Shenae Grimes from  90210?! I don’t really see it, but she is beautiful so I took the compliment 😉


I have some sad news to share in the morning, but for now I am off to read in bed!!!