Have you heard of it? Well here it is!

Need-A-Sitter is a professional sitting referral service that is setting a new and exciting standard for sitting services. How often have you had to cancel an evening out or turn down an invitation due to inadequate child care? That’s where we come in! We do all the leg work. Make one phone call or send one email to us and we’ll take care of the rest. Visit www.need-a-sitter.com to learn more about us and what we offer!!

Here are some reviews from families of Need-A-Sitter:

Teresa G

My first experince with Need-A-Sitter was a lasting experince. The sitter was very professional and cared for my 19 months old twin boys with compassion. What I like about the sitter she arrived 20 minutes early to meet with my boys and I to go over details. Futhermore, I love the fact all the sitters for this company have to have their own transporation. There are many times my boys fell asleep and I have to wake them up to take a sitter home, not any more. My favortive of this company is how quickly I obtain a sitter when I requested one. Looking forward to using Need -A -Sitter in the future.


I just started using the service and already can see how the benefits. Since we do not have family here, getting a babysitter has been tough. Now, I can call Bobbi and she will set up a sitter for me. Our babysitters from the service have been respectful, fun and interactive – even bug hunting in the backyard. We all need time for ourself (go shopping, workout..) and time with our spouse. Don’t hesitate to join!

Rachel M

I love the convenience of calling Bobbi and she finds the sitter. It’s a huge stress relief for me. So far, I’ve used the sitter service three times and have been very satisfied with the quality of care.