New Haircut!!!!

Ok I know you have all been waiting anxiously at home to see the new me:) The haircut experience was wonderful, I was a little nervous but completely submitted to my hairstylist, thanks Wendy:) I cut it a little shorter (8 inches off!) then I wanted to that way it has a little time to grow out, and I LOVE IT!!!! So what do you think??? I haven’t had my hair this short in YEARS!

Hubby was doing a little photo shoot, don’t ask what I am doing…lol
The beautiful back, I love the layers!!!

This was about three weeks ago before, and tonight we cooked pizza again so we took the same pic:) I look like a little kid, it was hard to find a picture with my hair down because it was so long I always had it pulled or in a hat.

My half of the pizza was homemade Italian style. I remember when I visited Italy my senior year of college, when you ordered a veggie pizza the veggies were WHOLE on the pizza so I did just that. Butternut squash,asparagus, and tomatoes. mmmm…

I has some black eye peas and stuffing on the side, I know a weird combo but never the less it was perfect! Also had a glass of Cab, got to finish that bottle up:) I will probably have a whole wheat banana muffin for dessert before the end of the night. O YA I almost forgot I was 4 for 4 today in softball, which means I got on base every time I batted!!! The team nominated me MVP:) Must have been the no socks, I forgot them and I had to wear my shoes without them..yuck!

Well it’s been a long day time to put on the Pj’s and relax with the Hubby, hope you all have a fantastic Saturday!!!


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