Zap PB Giveaway Results

Today in History: My nephew/ring bearer Carson Wyatt was born into the world!!!!

Saturday morning breakfasts are the best:) Hubby didn’t get in till 3am, so I am enjoying some waffles for one. I put some Barneys butter (I could marry this stuff) and banana on top and because I have a long day ahead of me I had a sunny side egg on the side. Eggs tend to keep me full for long periods of time.

Isn’t this spoon so cool!!!! The coffee mug is from Beal Street in Memphis, where I spent a lot of weekends at when I was in college.


I am so excited there was such a large turn out for the ZAP pb contest! This is only my second contest, the last one I had only 78 comments, this one a total of 238! Thank you all for all of the wonderful PB ideas, I think the oddest one was PB on jalapenos:)

So without further ado…..

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:
11 17

Congrats to:

1st place:
11. Mizfit

2nd place
17 .D10 @ just running for fun

WINNERS: Email me your full name and address to!!

I may have another PB contest coming up soon, keep your eyes pealed:)

Well I am off to AKB have a fabuliouse Saturday everyone!!!!


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