Bosco Vs. Vacuum!

A quick post for this Friday night:)

As you know I had the house to myself tonight, hubby is doing a ride along with a cop friend till 2am! Today was GREAT, it felt good to finish the week!!!! I went straight to hot yoga an hour and half class, it felt wonderful as always. When we were in our last pose, relaxation, they were playing a beautiful Italian song that made me cry…..I did stop crying before the song was over:)

When I got home, I went straight to cooking, I was famished! Cracked open a bottle of Cab, and was ready for the night!!! I don’t know what it is about having the whole house to myself but I kind of get gitty. I made myself the best TV dinner ever! Lobster Ravioli from Tj’s with some broiled Brussel sprouts, thanks Megs for the idea:)

As you can see there is some Food Network going on in the background:)

mmmmm… I think broiling them is the best way to go. Just throw some EVOO and pepper on them and your good to go!

I quickly decided to throw on some marinara sauce!

For dessert I had a small whole wheat banana muffin with some Barneys Butter, O’ MY was this O’ so good!!!

Bosco kept giving me his begging face, I gave in of course and he loved it!!!The rest of the evening I was blaring Kevin Page’s CD, a local band from Memphis, while cleaning!!!! I got everything done, swept, mopped, clean the bathrooms, dusted, dishes, and the refrigerator!!!! WOW it feels so nice to be so fresh and so clean, clean:) Bosco and I had fun cleaning it together, he is deathly afraid of the vacuum though….

I also picked up some of Pacific Natural Almond Milk, I am all out of Hemp Milk and I have seen this on a couple blogs now so I thought I would give it a try and at Fresh and Easy it was only $1.50:)

Well I will be up early tomorrow, I have AKB at 9am then a Softball game. I am also getting my hair cut, I can’t wait!!!! It is supposed to be like 90 degrees tomorrow CRAZINESS!!! Good night friends, I will have the ZAP giveaway winner up tomorrow morning so stay tuned!

Keep Piling on those MILES!!!!


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